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Universal Gambrel

      The revolutionary new UNIVERSAL GAMBREL makes it a snap to hang, weigh and clean your game. The aluminium spreader bar and aircraft cable design lets you hand anything from hogs to elk with ease.

      Unlike the old fashioned gambrel design, where you must cut the animals legs and insert the hook ends, the UNIVERSAL GAMBREL uses gravity to seize the animals legs in the loops when hanging and weighing, even if the tendons are accidentally cut.

      One of the greatest advantages of the new patent gambrel design is that it allows a person to remove the hams one at a time without the other ham falling on the ground or the user needing assistance.

      To weigh the animal, simply insert the front legs into one loop and the rear legs into the other loop, attach your scale to the hanger eye, and hoist away. The scale stays at eye level for easy reading.

     The UNIVERSAL GAMBREL is also great for hanging your food stuffs and gear away from wildlife when camping and backpacking.

      It also makes a neat game drag behind you or your ATV.


Universal Gambrel

4173 Palau Dr.

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Steve Emry

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